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The Day of the Hermitage Cat 2012
April 21st, 2012

The Day of the Hermitage Cat is a special project developed at the State Hermitage Museum and dedicated to the cats that live in the museum.

The history of our cats beginning in the early 18th century, when Peter the Great sent a cat that had been brought in from Holland to live in the Winter Palace. Later on, the Empress Elizaveta issued a “Decree on sending cats to the court” in which she ordered that her subjects “find the best and largest cats in Kazan that are suitable for catching mice… and if anyone has such cats, he is to make that fact known so that they may be sent to the governorate chancellery.” Catherine the Great, the founder of the Hermitage, gave the cats the status of protectors of the picture galleries.

Every spring, the Hermitage holds Day of the Hermitage Cat, a holiday that has been a lovely tradition at the museum in recent years.

The event program includes:

  1. The results of the school contest entitled “Cat Kingdom. Cats big and small at the museum.”
  2. An open contest entitled “My Hermitage Cat”

(the Great Courtyard of the Winter Palace)

  1. “The Longest Magic Scarf” game

(Palace Square from 12:15 a.m. to 1:15 p.m.)

  1. The “Hunting for Lions, or Travel with a Hermitage Cat” game (in the halls of the museum)
  2. The presentation of a mummified Egyptian cat (hall No. 100)
  3. An exhibit of pieces by Petersburg artists

(the attic of the Winter Palace)

  1. A walking tour entitled “Where the Cats Live”

(the basement of the Winter Palace)

The event begins at 12:00 a.m. in the Great Courtyard of the Winter Palace.

April 22nd, 2012

You can see the following exhibits:

The “Egyptian Cat Mummy” Exhibit
(Hall No. 100)

An exhibit of pieces by Petersburg artists dedicated to the Day of the Hermitage Cat
(the attic of the Winter Palace)

The Day of the Hermitage Cat program was prepared by the State Hermitage Museum with the support of the SWASH Cultural Programs Fund, SwashbucklerEnterprises, Inc., the Purina PetCare Department of Nestle Russia LLC, the Elvet Clinic, the Institute of Veterinary Biology, ProAnimale, the Nevskaya Palitra paint factory, the Worldwide Club of Petersburgers, the Hermit Park Company, the Draughtsman's Contract Gallery, Beta-Com, the Transelectro Company, and PrettyCat.

The “Cats – Big and Small” computer graphics and animation contest


Larger view

Larger view

Larger view


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