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The Shop in the Rastrelli Gallery

This shop is located in the entrance area of the Hermitage and was one of the first opened in the museum. The Rastrelli Gallery and a few adjoining halls are an area for relaxation.

The shop in the Rastrelli Gallery sells souvenir items and occupies two halls. Here visitors are offered a variety of goods that includes replicas with a museum theme, souvenirs with Russian or St Petersburg motifs, ornaments, art books, jewellery, posters and postcards, video cassettes and more. There are souvenirs available here to suit any taste with a broad range of prices. The shop provides an extensive choice of multimedia and video programs produced in different languages for different systems. Here too there is the necessary equipment for customers to preview them. The range also includes audio recordings of works by Russian composers.

The shop staff are very experienced, have an excellent command of languages and try to help everyone who comes in to look at the souvenirs. Payment can be in cash (Russian roubles) or by credit or charge card.

Visitors who want to relax for a while should drop into the Rastrelli Gallery where they can get souvenirs, a cup of coffee and access to the Internet.

Hermitage shop

A joint effort of The State Hermitage and Museum on Line Inc. has resulted in the creation of an online Hermitage store which can be visited at as well as two physical Hermitage shop locations within the museum premises. These affiliates of the virtual store are to be found in the Rastrelli Gallery of the Winter Palace (1st floor) and on the third floor near the exhibition of the Impressionists. These outlets offer museum materials for purchase to take away or for delivery via the museum's network of electronic commerce.

The museum shop in the Rastrelli Gallery occupies 250 square meters and has a large variety of reproductions of art from the Hermitage for souvenirs. In the book section you will find catalogues of Hermitage exhibitions, guidebooks, books on art, colorful albums featuring the art collections of the Hermitage and many other museums of the world, and reproductions and posters. The shop displays furniture made according to originals in the museum collection.

The shop draws upon nearly all of the museum's collections. Here you will find replicas and copies of marble sculptures, bronzes, ceramics, numerous decorative works of jewelry based on motifs of the Scythian, Greek and oriental collections of the Hermitage, as well as works in the style of Faberge. All of these works are notable for their faultless quality and the high level of the execution.

The shop has computer displays so that the visitor can choose not only from the goods in the showcases but also can look at the full inventory on the site of the electronic store of the State Hermitage. Such functionality aims to provide enhanced services to the consumer, who may purchase goods for delivery to their home.

Kiosk by the Knights' Hall

The book kiosk situated near the Knights' Hall is worthy of mention because it offers for sale all publications of the State Hermitage: you can find here scholarly works by the museum curators, educational literature for the general public, books for schoolchildren, and exhibition catalogues. Bibliophiles will also discover here works published in bygone years.

Without doubt the visitor's attention will immediately be drawn to the educational books and brochures intended for the general public. These handsome and well-illustrated publications are inexpensive and they appeal to readers of all ages who have the most varied interests. The Hermitage recently resumed publication of such popular literature after a hiatus of many years, but now new books and brochures appear in the kiosk almost every month. They are grouped in special editions and the reader can easily find what interests him most.

The series entitled In brevi (which is Latin for "in brief") consists of small brochures offering a great deal of information and many illustrations; they are issued as supplemental materials to the most important temporary exhibitions held in the Hermitage. Quite often they are written by the exhibition curators, but unlike catalogues they are quite inexpensive. The In brevi series also has brochures describing the Hermitage's permanent displays.

The publication series entitled Rooms and Buildings of the State Hermitage is devoted to the history and architecture of the most famous rooms of the museum. Another series on sale in the kiosk is called Your Hermitage and is addressed to schoolchildren, their parents and teachers. This series takes into account the school program and interests of young museum visitors.

Readers who take a serious interest in the issues of culture and art, as well as specialists in the field can find in the kiosk many of the museum's scholarly publications. The academic journal called News from the Hermitage provides information about new acquisitions and discoveries and about the scholarly work going on at the Hermitage in general. Collections of academic articles about archeology, ancient history and other academic fields are on sale here. Recently there have been more and more publications dealing with the history of the Hermitage itself, including works based on archival documents.


Book kiosks

Book kiosks provided by one of the Russian partners of the Hermitage, the Slavia Publishing House, may be found in the following areas: the Alexander Ist Hall, the Gallery of Art of Medieval Europe, on the staircase landing of the Hermitage Theater, in the Ministerial Corridor. Mobile kiosks are set up near temporary exhibitions.

The kiosks offer numerous exhibition catalogues and albums about the collection of the State Hermitage. The Hermitage and Slavia successfully collaborate on the preparation of new publications and offer works on specialized themes that appeal both to art professionals and to those in the general public who are interested in art. These publications present the collections of the museum. They contain high quality illustrations and detailed notes.

During the years of its partnership with the Hermitage, Slavia Publishing House has issued more than 1,000 publications devoted to special subjects. The publisher pays particular attention to the quality and contents of its works. The most demanding visitors will be satisfied with their purchase of catalogues, booklets, or guidebooks in the book kiosks of Slavia.

If for some reason you were not able to buy a catalogue, album or guidebook, you can find them on the pages of the electronic shop of the State Hermitage.

Stalls at the Commandant Entrance

The Commandant Entrance of the Winter Palace is the way into the museum used by tourist groups and those individuals who have booked entrance tickets in advance. The vestibule of the Commandant Entrance contains a number of stalls offering books and souvenirs.

The stalls at the Commandant Entrance offer a wide range of souvenirs and printed matter. They also sell crafts articles made by hand in traditional Russian style. These include lacquer boxes painted by the craftsmen of Palekh, ornaments made from semiprecious Urals stone and amber jewellery. Here too you can buy inexpensive illustrated publications about the Hermitage, St Petersburg, the palace and park ensembles of the suburbs, as well as calendars, posters and postcards.

Payment here is in cash (Russian roubles) and also by credit or charge card.

The Shop in the Rastrelli Gallery
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The book kiosk by the Knights' Hall
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The book stand of the Slavia publishing house
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Stalls at the Commandant Entrance
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Stand with books and postcards
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