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The Department was set up in 1930 based on the Department of Antiquities of the Hermitage. There are 33 members of the staff, including 4 specialists with doctoral degrees and 13 Candidates (MPhil degree). There are over 500,000 objects in the department and exhibitions occupy 23 rooms of the Hermitage.
Head of the Department: Alexeyev Andrey Alexeyevich
Contact information: telephone (812) 312-19-66

This is one of the oldest departments of the museum consisting of two sectors: Ancient Greece and Rome and the Northern Black Sea. There are 26 members of the staff including 8 Candidates (MPhil degree). The Departments’ permanent exhibition occupies 23 rooms of the Hermitage. There are about 100,000 monuments in the department.
Head of the Department: Trofimova Anna Alexeyevna
Contact information: telephone (812) 710-96-54

Set up in 1920, the Department consists of four sectors: the Ancient Orient; Byzantium and the Near East; Central Asia, the Caucasus   and the Crimea and the sector of the Middle East. There are 45 members of the staff, including 6 specialists with doctoral degrees and 19 Candidates (MPhil degree). The permanent exhibition occupies about 50 rooms of the Hermitage. The Department’s stocks include over 150 000 items.
Head of the Department: Kozlova Natalia Viktorovna
Contact information: telephone /fax (812) 710-90-18

One of the oldest and largest departments of the museum, consisting of four sectors: 13th- to 18th century painting; 19th and 20th century painting and sculpture; drawings; prints. There are 63 members of the staff, including 4 specialists with doctoral degrees and 16 Candidates (MPhil degree). The Department’s stocks include over 400 000 items. Permanent exhibition of the Western European Art occupies about 100 rooms of the Hermitage.
Head of the Department: Androsov Sergey Olegovich
Contact information: telephone (812) 710-98-03 fax (812) 571-35-91

The Department consists of two sectors: applied art, metalwork and stonework. There are 31 members of the staff, including 2 specialists with doctoral degrees and 9 Candidates (MPhil degree). There are about 150,000 items in the department.
Head of the Department: Rappe Tamara Vladimirovna
Contact information: telephone (812) 710-96-82 fax (812) 571-87-96

Set up in April 1941, the Department includes: the Fine Art Sector, the Applied Art Sector, and Sector The Winter Palace of Peter I. There are 53 members of the staff, including 2 specialists with doctoral degrees and 15 Candidates (MPhil degree). There are over 300,000 objects in the department and the permanent exhibition occupies 50 rooms of the Hermitage.
Head of the Department: Fyedorov Vyacheslav Anatoljevich
Contact information: telephone (812) 710-96-78

This is one of the oldest departments in the museum. There are 25 members of the staff, including 2 specialists with doctoral degrees and 3 Candidates (MPhil degree). The Department’s stocks include over 1200,000 items and they are divided into two sectors: ancient world and countries of Asia and Africa, and European and American numismatic items. The Department’s items are displayed at temporary exhibitions of the museum.
Head of the Department: Kalinin Vitaly Alexandrovich
Contact information: telephone (812) 710-96-29

Grand Duke Nikolay Pavlovich (the future Emperor Nicholas I) originated the formation of the collection of armory in the first decades of the 19th century. The Sector’s stocks include about 16,000 examples of armory of various ages and countries: arms of Western Europe, Orient people and items of arms craft of Russian craftsmen. The main exhibition is housed in the Knight Hall.
The Sector of the Military Heraldry unites collections, related to the history of military symbolic and includes stocks of banners and military graphics. The stock of banners is the richest collection of banners, standards and flags (about 6,500 items in stock) in Russia. The stock of military graphics represents a considerable (over 40,000 pages) collection of drawings and prints, depicting equipment of the armed forces of the European countries of the 18th -19th centuries. Before the Revolution the largest part of this collection was a part of the Emperor Library of the Winter Palace.
There are ten members of the staff, including two Candidates (MPhil degree).
Head of the Department: Lyubin Dmitry Vladimirovich
Contact information: telephone(812) 710-96-98

Set up in February 1981 as the sector “The Menshikov Palace. Russian Culture of the First Third of the 18th Century” on the basis of the Russian Culture Department, it obtained the status of the department in 1996. The permanent and temporary exhibitions occupy 30 rooms of the Menshikov Palace building – the architectural monument of the first third of the 18th century. There are 25 research assistants, including 2 Candidates (MPhil degree).
Head of the Department: Meshcheryakov Vladimir Vladimirovich
Contact information: telephone (812) 323-48-00

It was set up in February 2001 on the basis of the historical collection of the Lomonosov Porcelain Factory Museum. At the moment there are over 30,000 items in the Department’s stocks. The main part of the collection is the products of the Imperial, then State, Lomonosov and finally, since October 2005, the Imperial Porcelain Factory. The collection also includes the porcelain of private factories, West European porcelain, glassworks, ceramics, drawings and photographs. There are 10 members of the staff.
Head of the Department: Ivanova Anna Vladimirovna
Contact information: telephone (812) 326-26-70

This department was established in 1975 as the Chief Architect Department but it obtained the status of a research department in 1992. It deals with problems of preservation of the unique architectural- artistic complex of buildings, their adaptation to modern operational conditions; provides architectural restoration works. There are 15 members of the staff, including 1 specialist with doctoral degree and 3 Candidates (MPhil degree).
Head of the Department: Lukin Valery Pavlovich
Contact information: telephone (812) 710-97-44
telephone /fax (812) 571-91-44

The year 1925 when the excursions started in the museum is considered to mark the beginning of the Hermitage's educational activities. There are 137 members of the staff, including 13 Candidates (MPhil degree). Their task is to familiarize the visitors with the museum collections, basis of the art history. Each year the department conducts more than 30,000 excursions and gives over 500 lectures.
Head of the Department: Yershova Lyudmila Moiseyevna
Contact information: telephone (812) 710-97-87 fax (812) 312-23-66

The scientific and methodological center for work with children of pre-school and school age School Center has functioned on its own since 1999. Under School Center there is the Art Studio, study groups, clubs Young Archeologist and Young Fine Art Experts, the Lecture Hall. There are 12 members of the staff, including 2 Candidates (MPhil dgree).
Head of the Department: Dyubanova Irina Valeryevna
Contact information: telephone (812) 710-96-73 fax (812) 571-87-56

One of the oldest and largest museum libraries of fine art in Russia has been an integral part of the Hermitage since its foundation. The personal collection of books of Catherine II formed the basis for the library. Now the Hermitage library keeps over 800,000 books on art, history and historic sciences, architecture and culture in almost all European and Oriental languages. The Sector of Rare Books and Manuscripts consists of over 10,000 rare items: European and Russian manuscripts, Russian and Western first printed books, collection of artistic book covers, “gifted” examples from the emperors’ libraries unique by their decoration, autographs of outstanding people of Russia and Europe.
Head of the Department: Makarova Yevgenia Ivanovna
Contact information: telephone (812) 710-96-79 fax: (812) 710-90-52

This Department was established in 1980. It unites the archive and photo archives, including collection of photographs and negative images. Acquisition of the archive began in 1805. At the moment it keeps 67 funds (including 62 private funds), 97 inventories, 37392 of storage items from 1767 to 2000. The Hermitage began receiving photographic documents in the middle of the 19th century with the beginning of the first photographic works, but the photo archive was set in the 1920s. at the moment it includes 75,134 negative images, about 1000 photographs. There are 9 members of the staff.
Head of the Department: Yakovleva Yelizaveta Mikhailovna
Contact information: telephone (812) 710-96-46

This Department executes filling out of all documentation regarding register and storage of museum objects, kept in the State Hermitage. It ensures control over removal of museum items, registers the objects acquired by the museum, and carries out check of safekeeping documents and periodic check of museum objects availability. The Department is working at creation of the electronic inventory of all museum collections.
Head of the Department: Grishanova Natalia Borisovna
Contact information: telephone (812) 710-90-74

The New Acquisition Sector was established at the end of 2000. The main task of the Sector is to provide work of the New Acquisition Department on acquisition of stocks of the State Hermitage and considering stock issues, occurring in stock-keeping and expositional practice of the museum. There are 5 members of the staff, including 3 candidates (MPhil degree).
Head of the Department: Faybisovich Viktor Mikhailovich
Contact information: telephone /fax (812) 710-95-27

There are 126 members of the staff in the Department. Most of them are art restorers in the highest qualification and first categories. They carry out restoration work, conservation and routine maintenance work on exhibit items and look into their safe-keeping in the storage facilities, permanent and temporary exhibitions. The Department includes 13 laboratories: scientific restoration of easel painting, scientific restoration of tempera painting, scientific restoration of monumental painting, scientific restoration of Oriental painting, scientific restoration of graphics, scientific restoration of sculpture and gemstones,  scientific restoration of applied art monuments, scientific restoration of monuments from organic materials, scientific restoration of fabrics, scientific restoration of clocks and musical mechanisms, scientific restoration of precious metals, scientific restoration of furniture, scientific restoration of luster ware.
Head of the Department: Baranova Tatyana Alexandrovna
Contact information: telephone (812) 710-98-60

This Department has existed since 1936, first as the first X-ray department in the country and one of the first in the world. Since 1970 it functioned as an independent laboratory. Since 1997, after joining the chemical laboratory it has become an independent department. It is one of the largest centers of scientific and technical examination of works of art in the country. The Department studies materials and technologies, carries out scientific and technical examination and authentication of museum monuments applying modern methods of natural sciences.
Head of the Department: Kosolapov Alexander Iosifovich
Contact information: telephone /fax (812) 710-90-13

The Laboratory was created around the group of disinfection specialists which was established in the 1960s to combat insect pests. Towards 1990 it was formed as a research laboratory in which experienced and specialized biologists (entomologist, mycologist, microbiologist) and a climatologist work.
Head of the Department: Slavoshchyevskaya Lyudmila Vikentievna
Contact information: telephone (812) 710-97-38

The Sector was established in 2009. The Sector carries out publishing activity at theHermitage website, prepares video and multimedia application for educational center of the museum and for information support of temporary and permanent exhibitions. There are 10 members of the staff.
Head of the Department: Meljnikova Irina Alexandrovna
Contact information: telephone (812) 710-96-94
e-mail: redaс


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