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Christian East. Issues 1-2 (VII-VIII)
Series dedicated to the Christian culture of peoples of Asia and Africa

The State Hermitage Museum jointly with the Russian Academy of Sciences with the support of Interros Holding Company has resumed the publication of the academic journal Christian East dedicated to history and culture of the Christian peoples of Asia and Africa.
Christian East was founded in 1912 by the Imperial Academy of Sciences on the initiative of the outstanding Russian orientalists, academicians Boris A. Turayev and Nikolay Ya. Marr and corresponding member of the Academy Vladimir N. Beneshevich. During ten years the editors published six issues of Christian East which became a remarkable event in the Russian eastern studies. Soon after the Bolshevik takeover the journal stopped to be published.
In 1998 a number of scholars from Moscow and St. Petersburg decided to resume the publication. Mikhail B. Piotrovsky, corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, became its editor-in-chief.
Christian culture is one of the priorities of Russian science, since Russia has always been a Christian country and part of the Christian East. However, this serious academic publication has become a remarkable event for the international science as well.
Positive reviews of the first issues of Christian East point out such characteristics of this new journal as very high professionalism and extensive knowledge of the authors or readiness to cooperate with scholars from other countries and publish materials in any languages. Revival of the academic tradition shows that Russia has preserved its scientific potential carrying forth the legacy of Eastern Christian studies whose achievements are well remembered by the academic world.
The publication includes four sections, articles, notes and commentary, history of science and reviews and bibliography.
More than fifty scholars from Russia, Georgia, Armenia, Israel, Germany, Sweden, Italy, the Netherlands, France, Great Britain, United States and Canada took part in the first two issues of Christian East.
The second issue of the new series was dedicated to the 2000th anniversary of Christianity and 1700th anniversary of the adoption of Christianity by Armenia. Editors intend to publish special additions which will include monographs about Eastern Christianity. This is to make Christian East one of the most important academic publications of modern Russia based on the best achievement of the world’s science of history and culture of the Christian world.
Christian East is published by Aletheia Publishing House which closely cooperates with the State Hermitage Museum in its publishing activities.



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