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Consisting of 8,000 items, the Japanese collection is the largest in Russia. The museum possesses 1,500 coloured woodcuts including works by notable artists of the mid-18th to 20th century, such as Suzuki Harunobu, Kuniyosi and others. There are also a few but very interesting examples of Japanese painting.

The most valuable part of this collection is its netsuke, the name given to the exquisite carved belt toggles of the 17th to 19th centuries, of which the museum has 1,000 examples. All known schools of carving, the most illustrious craftsmen and the best loved motifs found in netsuke carving are reflected in the collection.

The collection of applied art includes lacquer-work, porcelain, pottery and sword accoutrements, costume and textiles.

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Oriental Coins

Netsuke Showing the Shaving of a Demon in the Guise of a Monk
Shokyusai Tomoyuki
Larger view

Naito Toyomasa
Larger view


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