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Looking at Photographs
125 photographs from the Museum of Modern Art, New York

21 June 2003 - 31 August 2003

The photography exhibition that opened in Rooms 28 to 32 of the Winter Palace on June 21, celebrating the 300th anniversary of St. Petersburg, is a visual incarnation of the famous book by John Szarkowski, Director Emeritus of the Department of Photography at the New York Museum of Modern Art, which was first published in 1973.

The 100 photographs in the book include the works of celebrated classics such as Timothy O’Sullivan and Lewis Hine along with unknown masters, creative photographs by Hill and Adamson, Stieglitz, and Steihen, as well as press, technical, and commercial photography. The exhibition demonstrates an impressive combination of the exceptional quality of the photographs - the real gems in MoMA’s collection - with the most elaborate and sophisticated process of putting these works together.

The exhibition has been sponsored by the International Council of the Museum of Modern Art, and organized by the same museum in collaboration with The State Hermitage and The State Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts.

The exhibition is presented in chronological order, opening with the 19th century: David Hill’s Self Portrait with Robert Adamson (1845); and William England’s Niagara Suspension Bridge (1859) which depicts the period of industrial revolution; and William Shew’s daguerreotype (1850).

Early 20th century photography is represented by the works of Jacques Lartigue, Baron Adolphe De Meyer, Man Ray, Nickolas Muray, André Kertész, August Sander, and Bill Brandt. The exhibit includes one photograph by Alexander Rodchenko, Assembling for a Demonstration (1930). Of great interest are the photographs by Brassaï, Lovers Quarrel (1932); Walker Evans, Penny Picture Display (1936); Russell Lee, Son of a Sharecropper Combing Hair (1938); and Ansel Adams, Old Faithful Geyser (1942).

An important contribution to the art of photography in the second half of the 20th century was made by Irving Penn, Harry Callahan, Robert Adams, Richard Avedon, Robert Doisneau, and William Klein. In addition, the exhibit includes color photographs by Cindy Sherman, David Hockney, and Tina Barney.


Woman in Black Dress
Irving Penn
Larger view

Circus People
August Sander
Larger view

Versailles - Vase
Eugéne Atget
Larger view

Georgia Engelhard
Alfred Stieglitz
Larger view

C. 1923-1926
Tina Modotti
Larger view

At the Café, Chez Fraysse. Rue de Seine, Paris
Robert Doisneau
Larger view


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