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64: The Portrait Gallery of the Romanov Dynasty
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Sculptural Portrait of Peter I
Rastrelli, Bartolomeo Carlo
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Icon Our Lady of Kazan
Ushakov, Simon
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The gallery features portraits of the Russian Tsars, representatives of the Romanov dynasty, from Peter the Great, the founder of the Russian Empire, to the last Emperor Nicholas II. The interior, then known as the Pompeiian Gallery, was designed by Vasily Stasov after the fire of 1837. Next to it, on top of the Ambassadors' Entrance facing the courtyard, he laid out the Winter Garden with a glass ceiling. In 1886 the gallery was redecorated by the court architect Nikolai Gornostayev and used to display paintings. The exhibition room arranged on the place of the Winter Garden after the Second World War houses the collection of Russian culture of the 17th century. Of special note here are the icons The Transfiguration (Moscow, late 16th century), Our Lady of Kazan (1676?), works by the celebrated 17th-century icon-painter Simon Ushakov, enamel-painted bowls (Solvychegodsk, late 17th century) and the Holy Gates from the Simonov Monastery.



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