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Vitaly Pushnitsky - Iron Age - Painting, Installation, Graphics

On 17 February 2006 the State Hermitage and the State Center of Modern Art, St Petersburg presented an exhibition of paintings, an installation and graphics by Vitaly Pushnitsky entitled Iron Age.

Vitaly Pushnitsky is one of the most brilliant and important Russian artists of his generation. The point is that Pushnitsky is a first class professional with an academic education, not that he is in effect a universal artist who works in such different mediums as painting and installations, video and sculpture, objects and printed graphics. It is still more important to note that at the turn of the 21st century he was one of the few young artists who found his way out of the Post-Modernist blind alley.

Pushnitsky insists that the time of culturological chatter is over, that the overdone irony, glamour and skepticism of the past decade has run its course and does not move people any more. He affirms that everything in the arts should be done seriously and sincerely, that the time has returned for real values, honesty and responsibility, that life and art are serious things.

Pushnitsky's art is enormously affective. According to his convictions, only extreme and penetrating moments of life are worthy of serving as a theme for art: death, ecstasy, betrayal, self-sacrifice. Therefore his role models are on the highest level: Goya, Velasquez, Rembrandt.

In the installation Iron Age, paintings are enclosed in a metallic cage. There is a transparent but impassible boundary which separates the viewer from the art. For Pushnitsky, the cage is a symbol of total loss of freedom, walls which separate our consciousness, a barrier which divides the everyday things from art. In the project he has used paintings from the series Mirror (1998-2002), Las Meninas (2005), Clouds ( 2006).

His printed graphics form the series Journey (2004-2006) is also on display.


Vitaly Pushnitsky

At the ceremony of the open of the exhibition

At the exhibition

At the installation Iron Age


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