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Kasper König will curate the biennale for Manifesta 10

On 15 August 2013, at the State Hermitage Museum a curating contract was signed between the State Hermitage Museum and Kasper König.

Kasper König (Germany) is a cult figure in the world of contemporary art. Exhibitions which Ko"nig has curated include those, such as: Westkunst 1981 in Cologne, Two Months of New Modern Art in Dusseldorf in 1984 and Der zerbrochene Spiegel in Vienna and Hamburg. He was also one of the directors for the exhibition project In-Between Architecture in 1977 in Hannover. From 1988 to 1999 he was professor of the Municipal School for Fine Art in Frankfurt. At the same time he founded and ran the Frankfurt Gallery Porticus. From 2000 to 2012, Professor König was director of Museum Ludwig in Cologne, one of the best museums of contemporary art in Europe. At present, he lives and works in Berlin.

Manifesta 10 is one of the largest biennales of contemporary art in the world and will take place in St. Petersburg in 2014. The main exhibition space for Manifesta will be the State Hermitage Museum.
A strategic partner for Manifesta 10 is St. Petersburg City.

“For the State Hermitage Museum contemporary art is a natural, although complex, continuation of centuries’ old traditions, and therefore the key to Manifesta in 2014 will be the theme of heritage in the context of contemporaneity,” said State Hermitage Museum Director Mikhail Piotrovsky.

Kasper König: “The 250th anniversary of the State Hermitage Museum and the 20th Manifesta will create very clear perspectives: works of contemporary art and master pieces by past masters should whirl together in dance ... I’m looking forward to working with contemporary art in this context, and on the other hand I hope to make an exhibition which is intellectual, playful and meaningful...”

The decision on a curator for Manifesta 10 was made by a select committee including: Mikhail Piotrovsky (State Hermitage Museum), Viktor Miziano (Manifesta, Russia), Hedwig Fijen(Manifesta, Netherlands), Dmitry Ozerkov (State Hermitage Museum), Esther Reguiera (Manifesta, Spain).

Curators for Manifesta at various times have included: Massimiliano Gioni (Manifesta 5, San Sebastian 2004) - curator of the main project of the 55th Venice Biennale in 2013; Cuauhte'moc Medina (Manifesta 9, Genk 2012) - winner of the Walter Hopps 2012; Viktor Miziano - Russia’s leading curator, winner of Innovation in 2012 and Hans-Ulrich Obrist - winner of CCS Bard 2011 (as part of the curatorial group Manifesta 1, Rotterdam 1996).


Kasper König
Photo: Albrecht Fuchs

Signing of contract
Photo: Rustam Zagidullin


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