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The Hermitage Readings in memory of Boris Piotrovsky (1908 - 1990)

Boris Piotrovsky was a famous archaeologist, a great specialist in history and archaeology of the Ancient East and the Caucasus. The main scientific activity of Boris Piotrovsky was connected with the studies of ancient kingdom of Urartu (X - early VI centuries B.C.). His scientific work "History and Culture of Urartu" became the basis for the new branch of historic science - urartology. The scientist paid much attention to studies on Scythian culture and its relations with the Caucasus and the Near East. Boris Piotrovsky carried out excavations in the Northern Caucasus, in the Middle Asia and Armenia. The book "Archaeology of the Caucasus" was for many years a text-book for the students of archaeology and a handbook for archaeologists, historians and ethnologists of several generations.

In 1961 Boris Piotrovsky was put at the head of the expedition of the Academy of Science of the USSR sent to Africa by UNESCO to study monuments of culture of Ancient Egypt on the territory of Asuan Dam.

For 26 years the Academician Boris Piotrovsky was the Director of the State Hermitage and combined active scientific work with a difficult and time-consuming duties of the head of one of the largest museums of the world.

Traditionally the meetings of the annual readings are devoted to different aspects of the Museum life including both scientific-research and exhibition activities, and relations between the Museum and its visitors. This year the reports devoted to the friends and fellow-workers of Boris Piotrovsky were also presented at the conference.


At the conference



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