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Sculptor Giuliano Vangi

On display are 38 works by Giuliano Vangi, the most popular contemporary Italian sculptor. These are 24 sculptures and 14 drawings and paintings created by the artist during the last 20 years. The exhibition is jointly organised by the Hermitage Museum and the administration of the provinces of Massa and Carrara, Italy, and the Municipality of the City of Massa, supported by the Rotari Club of Massa and Carrara.

The artist's works are interesting in style and striking with their original modelling. The artist retaining adherence to traditional values, at the same time reveals contemporary life in all its variety. The style of Giuliano Vangi shows that the artist works in a masterly manner with any material, be it wood, marble or metal. The combination of various materials makes the sculptures polychromatic. Although some of Giuliano Vangi's works resemble ancient Egyptian sculptures and some of them are reminiscent of figures from the Romanesque churches and even sometimes of works by the artists of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, they nevertheless manifest the original style of Giuliano Vangi. The exhibition also features drawings by Giuliano Vangi that are preparatory sketches for his sculptural works.



Sculptor Giuliano Vangi

Giuliano Vangi at the exhibition

One of the first visitors


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