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Orders, Medals

There are 694 works of art in this category

Stefan Brechtel, 1570

Medal for accession to the throne of Empress Yelizaveta Petrovna

Wilhelm and Sabine Ganzhorn, 1539

Commemorative Medal on the Death of Anna Pavlovna

Hungary. Queen Mary

Medal with the Portrait of Bassian, Kavin and Benavides

Medal "In Commemoration of the Tercentenary of the House of Romanov"

Sebastian Welser, 1566

Saxony. Kurfürst Friedrich III the Wise, 1513

Satirical Anti-Papal Medal, 1543

Badge of the Order of St. Equal-of-the-Apostles Prince Vladimir, 2nd Class

Badge of the Union of the Russian People

Medal in Memory the Meeting of Peter I and William III of Orange in Utrecht

Satirical Anti Papal Medal

Bohemia and Hungary. King Ferdinand I and his Wife Anna, 1536

Silver Medal of the Red Eagle Order

Carved Stones

There are 1178 works of art in this category

Intaglio. Juno

Intagli. Neptune Riding Hippocampi

Cameo. Pug-dog on a Pillow

Cameo. A Beardless Man

Intaglio in the Form of a Scarabaeoid. A Circus Scene


Cameo. Louis XIII and Maria de' Medici

Intaglio. Portrait of Hadrian

Intaglio. Eagle Eating Prometheus' Liver

Cameo in the Medallion: The Gorgon Medusa

Cameo. Heracles Dragging Cerberus out of Hades

Cameo. A Dog

Cameo. Unknown Youth

Cameo of the capita jugata type. Unknown Man and Woman

Cameo. Maenad Crowned with Ears

Intaglio. Hygieia


There are 213 works of art in this category

Molivdovul. Alexius I Comnenus

Molivdovul. Romanus IV and Eudocia with Michael VII, Constantine and Andronicus

Molivdovul. Isaac II Angelus

Prosphora Stamp

Molivdovul. Theodora Ducaena Palaelogina, Wife of Emperor Michael VIII

Molivdovul. Justin II

Molivdovul. Nicephorus III Botaneiates

Molivdovul. Heraclius and Heraclius Constantine

Molivdovul. Alexius I Comnenus

Molivdovul. Leo III and Constantine V

Molivdovul. Basil II

Molivdovul. Constantine IV with Heraclius and Tiberius

Molivdovul. Constantine IX Monomachus

Molivdovul. Manuel I Comnenus

Molivdovul. Constantine VIII

Chrysobull. Michael VIII Palaeologus

Coins, Paper Money

There are 424 works of art in this category


4 Ducat


Souvenir with a Coin



Coin. Solidus



Cowrie Shell


A Half-Ugorsky Gold Coin

Governmental Quadrangular Coin. 5 Momme

Coin 1/2 Thaler

Governmental Quadrangular Coin. 1 Bu

One Rouble (The Rouble of Great Prince Konstantin). Reverse