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Книги, печатная графика

There are 583 works of art in this category


Geissler, Christian Gottfried Heinrich. 1770-1844

Officer of the Chevalier Guards Regiment in an Undress Uniform


Kabakov, Ilya. Born 1933; Kabakova, Emilia. Born 1945

Bashkir Wearing Light Clothing


Ghosts in the Morning

Kabakov, Ilya. Born 1933; Kabakova, Emilia. Born 1945

Officer of the Maritime and Infantry Regiments

Geissler, Christian Gottfried Heinrich. 1770-1844

Bombardier of Polish Foot Artillery

Officer of the Noble Sea Cadet Corps

Geissler, Christian Gottfried Heinrich. 1770-1844

Auditor and Official of the Polish War Department

Staff Officer of the Life-Guards of the Pavlovsk Regiment

Artillery Drummer

Kiel, Leon Charles von?-1851

Drummer and Musician, the Life-Guards Izmailovsky Regiment

Anonymous printmaker

Double Portrait of Fleet Commander Vice Admiral N. Skrydlova and Commander of the Army Adjutant General A.I. Kuropatkin with Episodes of the Russian-Japanese War on the Background

Anonymous printmaker

Equipment of a Life Guards Sapper Battalion

Officer of the Life-Guards Caucasian Mountain Squadron


There are 1537 works of art in this category


Sculptor of Northern Italy


Thorvaldsen, Bertel. 1770-1844



Psyche in a Faint

Tenerani, Pietro. 1789-1869

Sleeping Cupid

Florentine sculptor. 17th century (? )

Bust of Duke de Sully

Collot, Marie Anne. 1748-1821

Apollo and Daphne

Triscornia, Paolo Andrea. 1757-1833

Fountain Statue 'Nimph Holding a Shell'

Ganymede Feeding the Eagle

Kneeling Adorer

King Porus Abandoned by His Army

Melotte, Antoine Marie. 1722-1795

Head of Buddha

A Roman Emperor (with a lion mascaron)

Roman Sculptor, early 18th century

Bust of a Boy from the Family of the Emperor Octavian Augustus

Decorative Relief: Plant Pattern

Lombardo, Antonio I, workshop of, circa 1458-1516

Мозаика, витражи

There are 85 works of art in this category

Schon Stained Glass

Mosaic Picture "The Temple of the Sibylla at Tivoli and a Waterfall"

Standard-Bearer from Levental

Meÿer - Sonenbergin Wedding Stained Glass

"St Nicholas Blessing the Sailors"

Stained Glass depicting the Sacrifice of Abraham

Stained Glass of Ruff Kurzen

Sebastian Schuvtz Stained Glass

Stained Glass Depicting St Anne, Virgin Mary and Infant Christ

St Nicholas

Stained Glass of Meÿers Brothers

Mosaic Picture 'The Dog'

Stained Glass of Abbot Bonifacius Chup

Bathsheba in the Pool

"Sts Christopher and Florian"

"Jacob and Rachel"

Предметы прикладного искусства

There are 9420 works of art in this category

Frame of a Purse

Qalamdan (Pen-Case)



Playing Cards (Fath-Ali-Shakh in a Red Dress Riding a White Horse)

Netsuke: Oni Mask


Plaque in the Form of an Ornately Shaped Oval, with a Flared Rim. Stamped Ornament

Decorative Panel: Alexander the Great and King Darius's Family

Shtof Bottle

Figurine of Perseus

Vase Decorated with Winged Sirens