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There are 6580 works of art in this category

Holy Family (copy)

Madonna and Child

Unknown Spanish artist. 16th century

Portrait of an Old Man

Ville, Guilliam de. 1614-1672


Anonymous Artist. 19th century

The Raising of Lazarus

Wet, Jacob de I, c. 1610-after 1675

Rape of the Sabine Women

Giordano, Luca, workshop of. 1634-1705


Koninck, Philips. 1619-1688

Broken Egg

Mieris, Frans Jansz. van I. 1635-1681

Holy Family with St Elizabeth and St John the Baptist

Poussin, Nicolas. 1594-1665

Neva Gate at the Peter and Paul Fortress

Patersson, Benjamin. 1750-1815

Landscape with a Horseman

St Antoninus

Unknown artist of the Florentine school, late 15th - early 16th centuries

Fountain in front of St Peter's in Rome

Nerly (Nerlich), Friedrich Paul. 1824-1919

Childhood of Romulus and Remus

Ricci, Sebastiano. 1659-1734

Acts of Mercy

French painter

Heaven Gives One Hundred Official Ranks


There are 4178 works of art in this category


Kügelgen, Carl Ferdinand von. 1772-1832

Moonrise (Two Men on the Shore)

Friedrich, Caspar David. 1774-1840


Street Scene

Death of Gessler

Fohr, Carl Philipp. 1795-1818

View of Saint Georges Street in Nancy

Wittmann, Ernest. 1846-1921

Portrait of Nicholas Alexandrovich, Heir, Tsesarevich and Grand Duke of Russia as a One-Year-old Child

Rockstuhl, Alois Gustav. 1798-1877


Adoration of the Shepherds

Castiglione, Giovanni Benedetto. 1609-1664

In the Old Harbor

Corner of the Park with a Grotto, Fountain and Vase

French painter. 18th century

Satan Sowing Darnel (Tares)

Fetti, Domenico. 1588/89-1623

Two Shields

Clérisseau, Charles-Louis. 1721-1820

Cascade 'Neptune' in the Garden Building with Rustic Columns

Valeriani, Giuseppe. 1708-1762

Punishment of Dragon Dressing Gown

Lu Menchzhen Does Not Get Dinner


There are 264 works of art in this category

Bird Perching on a Rose Twig

Portrait of the Architect Giacomo Quarenghi

Russian artist

Miniature: Portrait of Count Alexander Andreyevich Bezborodko

Lampi, Johann Baptist II (?). 1775-1837

Portrait of a Lady

Anonymous Artist

Portrait of General, Prince Józef Poniatowski

Anonymous Artist. 19th century

Warrior Standing by a Tree

Miniature: Portrait of Grand Duke Nikolai Pavlovich

Anonymous Artist

Gazelle Hunt

Prince Surrounded by Courtiers in the Garden under a Tree


Anonymous Artist. 16th century

Portrait of Nadir Shah


Woman in Indian Dress

Portrait of General I.S. Raisky

Bouchardy, Étienne. 1797-1849/50

Safavid Shah Receiving Honoured Guests

Portrait of an Indian Prince

Baha ad-din Gilani

Portrait of Princess Metternich as Hebe

Bauer, Johann Georg. 1743-1804


There are 5564 works of art in this category

The Kagiya Shop

Suzuki Harunobu. 1724-1770

Peter the Great and Catherine's Wedding on 19 February 1712

Zubov, Aleksey. 1682/83-1751

The Presentation in the Temple: Oblong Print

District Yamasita-tyo. Hibiya District in the Region of Soto-Sakurada (Yamashita-chô Hibiya Soto-Sakurada)

Singers. Sheet 2 from the 'Paris intense' Series

Vallotton, Félix 1865-1925

Portrait of Peter the Great

Bobrov, Viktor. 1842-1918

View of the Neva Downstream between the Winter Palace and the Academy of Sciences. Left side.

Kachalov, Grigory. 1711/12-1761

Central Part of a Silver Throne (No 79)


Bonnet, Louis-Marin. 1743-1793

The Magazine "Le Charivari" for 1847-1852. The Sheet "Le Peuple juge les coups"

Daumier, Honoré. 1808-1879

Rear Admiral Vladimir I. Istomin

Timm, Georg Wilhelm. 1820-1895

The Magazine "Le Charivari" for 1847-1852. The Sheet "Ratapoil fesant de la propagande"

Daumier, Honoré. 1808-1879

Architectural Fantasy

Vaccaro, Andrea. 1604-1670

Storm of Noteburg

"Triomphe de la probité politique, Commerciale, Litteraire etc. etc?"...

"Mr. de Montalembert marchant à l'assaut du Panthéon afin d'en chasser les grands hommes pour y installer les Capucins"

Daumier, Honoré. 1808-1879