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Книги, печатная графика

There are 584 works of art in this category

Battle of Liege

Anonymous printmaker

Adjutant General

Adjutant of the Polish Infantry Royal Guard

Deck of Playing Cards "Napoléon III” with the Portraits of French, Russian , English and Austrian Monarchs that Uses the French Suits


Kiel, Leon Charles von, first quarter of the 19th century?-1851

Officer of His Imperial Highness the Heir's Life-Guards Cossack Regiment

Nicholas I, Emperor of All-Russian

Adam, Jean Victor. 1801-1867

Private of His Imperial Highness the Heir's Cuirassier Regiment

Oak Leaves

Kabakov, Ilya. Born 1933; Kabakova, Emilia. Born 1945


Anna Pavlovna Hajek

Kabakov, Ilya. Born 1933; Kabakova, Emilia. Born 1945

Engineer, Miner and Pioneer

Geissler, Christian Gottfried Heinrich. 1770-1844

Staff Officer of the Finnish Life-Guards Rifle Battalion

Dream House

Kabakov, Ilya. Born 1933; Kabakova, Emilia. Born 1945

Drummer and Musician, the Life-Guards Grenadier Regiment

Anonymous printmaker, first third of the 19th century

Admiral of the Fleet

Geissler, Christian Gottfried Heinrich. 1770-1844


There are 1759 works of art in this category

"Portrait of General Yakov Ivanovich Rostovtsev"

Clodt von Jürgensburg, Pyotr (?). 1805-1867

Birth of St John the Baptist

Bust of Catherine the Great

Collot, Marie-Anne. 1748-1821


French sculptor. 18th century

Sketch of the Tomb of a Pontifex (? )

Roman Sculptor, early 18th century

Henry IV

French sculptor, late 17th century

Venus after Bathing

French sculptor, early 18th century

Sainted Youth

Verrocchio, Andrea del, workshop of. 1435-1488

Girl Covering her Face with her Hand

Maillol, Aristide. 1861-1944

Buddha Maravijaya (Buddha Calling the Earth to Witness)


French sculptor, late 18th century

Boy Pulling out a Splinter

Guglielmo della Porta. Active-since 1534-1577

St Andrew

Cafà, Melchiorre. 1638-1667

Portrait of Leonard Euler

Rachette, Jean-Dominique. 1744-1809

Calliope. Muse of Epic Poetry

Large Squatting Figure No4

Greco, Emilio. 1913-1995

Мозаика, витражи

There are 85 works of art in this category

Stained-Glass Panel Depicting the Actions of Mercy

St Peter

Stained Glass of Hans Schafaer and Burckert Galimichel

Johannes Jar. Moser Stained Glass

Stained Glass Bannerman from Engelberg

Stained Glass with the Coat of Arms

Eisener - Tschudi von Creplang Wedding Stained Glass

Stained-Glass Panel Depicting an Angel

Adoration of the Magi; Stained-Glass Panel with the Scene of Charity; The Martyrdom of St Vitus;The Assumption of the Madonna; Two Donors with Halberds;The rescue of Jonah from the Belly of the Fish

Stained Glass of Nusbaumer Family

"St Ursula"

Mosaic Picture 'The Rabbit'

Stained Glass of Jacob Eigenman

Boccardt - Reioldr Wedding Stained Glass

Stained Glass depicting the Apostles Peter and Paul

Fragment of a Stained-Glass Panel Depicting the Head of an Angel

Предметы прикладного искусства

There are 10125 works of art in this category

Toby Mug

Vessel Ornamented with Five Cartouches with Figures in a Landscape, with a Cover Surmounted by Daosist God of Longevity - Shouxing

Goblet Decorated with the 'HIIA' Monogram in a Cartouche, a Fountain and Flowers

Box for Dishes (from the Service Storeroom of the Winter Palace)

Netsuke: Mokugyo Gong with the Heads of Two Dragons




Panel (wall covering)

Millefiori Vase

Decorative Sculpture: 'Nenets Stopping Place'

Playing Card


Cap for the Military Uniform of Peter the Great