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Books, Printed Graphics

There are 398 works of art in this category

Equipment of the Polish Army Gendarmerie Corps

Equipment of the Polish 1st Infantry Division

Private of the Life-Guards Don Cossack Regiment

Drummer and Musician of a Guards Garrison

Unknown engraver

Officer of the Field Artillery Brigade

Officer of the Caucasian Line Cossack Regiment

Polish Army Auditor

Meeting with an Angel

Kabakov, Ilya. Born 1933; Kabakova, Emilia. Born 1945

The Remains of the Palace of Empress Catherine on the South Side of Sevastopol

Imperial Guard Drummer

Unknown engraver

Imperial Guard Carabineer

Unknown engraver


Equipment of the Polish Army Train

Officer of the Caucasian Mountain Squadron

The English Camp

Rossov, Dmitry (after a photography by J. Robertson). 1835-1888

Polish Army Auditor


There are 1328 works of art in this category

Sitting Woman

Derossi, L.

Portrait of Gallien


Portrait of Livia

Statue of Athene

Portrait Statue of a Boy (the so-called Annius Verus ? - 163-170s, son of Marcus Aurelius)

Crowned Buddha Pacifying the Ocean

Gall Killing Himself and His Wife

Florentine sculptor

"Portrait of Emperor Peter I"

Rastrelli, Bartolomeo Carlo. 1675-1744

Madonna and Child

German sculptor

St Anthony of Padua (1195-1231)

Unknown sculptor

Apollo Killing Python

Tacca, Ferdinando (?). 1619-1686

Relief: Heavenly Love Triumphing Over Earthly Love (copy)

St Barbara

Satyre and Bacchante

Carrier-Belleuse, Albert-Ernest. 1824-1887

"Portrait of Pavel I"

Mosaic, Stained Glass

There are 85 works of art in this category

"Execution of the Elders"

Workshop of V.Hirschvogel

Edmundus Schnider Stained Glass

Stained Glass of Barbia Zalzge

Magistrate's stained glass of the Canton of Solothurn

Mosaic Panel "Littoral Landscape"

Hans Hilarius Widmer's Stained Glass

St Barbara

Stained glass brothers Ursular

"Susanna and the Elders"

Stained Glass from father Peter Schmid

Mosaic Picture "Grotto at Tivoli"

Job on Noise

Ulrich Bumman's Stained Glass

Kesler - von Diesbach Wedding Stained Glass

Stained Glass Panel "Fortune as a Shield-Holder"

Mosaic Panel

Applied Arts

There are 3000 works of art in this category

Dress of Empress Maria Fyodorovna


Plaque in the Form of an Ornately Shaped Oval, with a Flared Rim. Stamped Ornament

Ice Cream Spoon

Hunter-Cased Pendant Watch in the Shape of a Fanciful Fruit



Snuff-Box with a Portrait of Catherine II

Casket, Box

Ring with Openwork Depictions of Cupids and Sea Monsters

Plate with Silenus and a Maenad

Netsuke: Zhong Kui and Demon

Chalice with Green "Stones"

Plate" The Murder of Abel"

Miette, Jean, attributed to. 2nd half 16th c.