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Books, Printed Graphics

There are 439 works of art in this category

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Kabakov, Ilya. Born 1933; Kabakova, Emilia. Born 1945

Grenadier Drummer and Musician

Kiel, Leon Charles von?-1851

Officer of the Life-Guards Cossack Regiment

Grenadiers of the Life-Guards Pavlovsky Regiment

Unknown engraver

Imperial Adjutant

Equipment of the Polish Army Staffs

Private of the Life-Guards Ural Cossack Regiment

Non-Commissioned Officer of the Reserve Life-Guards of the Black Sea Cossack Regiment

Private of Duke of Nassau's Lancer Regiment

Mirza Khan Kabuli. "Divan"

Equipment of a Polish Army Training Troop School and Cadet Corps

General of the Life-Guards Horse Regiment

Private of the Life-Guards Cuirassier Regiment

The Feat of the Soldier

Field Officer of the Life-Guards Sapper Regiment

Drummer and Musician, the Jaeger Regiment

Unknown engraver


There are 1310 works of art in this category

Bust of a Young Man from the Family of the Emperor Octavian Augustus

"Blank for a Seal Shaped Like the Bust of Yermak Timofeevich"

Bust of Antoninus Pius

Cupids with Pigeons

French sculptor

Venus Fastening a Golden Girdle

D'Epinay, Prosper. 1836-1912


Severo da Ravenna (Severo di Domenico Calzetta), workshop of, circa 1496-до 1538

Madonna and Child

Head from a Statue of the Buddha

Relief: Madonna and Child

Master of Marbre Madonnas, втор. пол. XV в.

Seated Lion

Statuette of Aphrodite with a Gold Necklace

Charity Treading on Avarice

Mazzuola, Giuseppe. 1644-1725

Portrait of Napoleone Buonaparte (1769-1821)

Canova, Antonio, and his workshop). 1757-1822

Sitting Woman ( statuette of 'dea gravida' type)


Bust of Nike

Mosaic, Stained Glass

There are 85 works of art in this category

Stained Glass of of the Canton of Glarus

Stained Glass of Theobald von Erlach

"Daniel in the Lion's Den"

Stained Glass of Hans Philipp Offenbürger

Table Press with the Scene "Dancing Peasants"

Mosaic Panel "Christ Blessing"

Portrait of Peter I

Antonius Zürcher Stained Glass

Stained Glass with the Coat of Arms of Abbot John Christoph von Gruta

Stained Glass Panel Depicting the Coats-of-Arms

Stained Glass of Canton Appenzel

Stained-Glass Panel Depicting the City of Constance

"St George"

Stained Glass of Oswaldt Weber

Madonna and Child

St Paul

Applied Arts

There are 7953 works of art in this category

Vase with Spiral Stripes and Leaves

Smoking Pipe


Icon Medallion of the Grand Prince St Alexander Nevsky

Egg-Shaped Hollow Button, with an Eyelet and a Bezel Turquoise. Openwork

Universal Equatorial Sun-dial

Guide to Behaviour of the Visitors to the Hermitage of Catherine II

Daoist God of Longevity - Shouxing



Chessman: Castle

Covered Compotier

Vase with the Depiction of Shells and Stilized Vegetable Motifs

Plaque Showing a Ukrainian Girl with a Shoulder-Yoke (after the original by I. Sokolov)

Brooch in the Shape of a Peacock