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Books, Printed Graphics

There are 440 works of art in this category

Soldier of the Life-Guards Cossack Regiment

Imperial Guard Infantry Officer in a Service Dress Uniform

Unknown engraver

Officer of the Life-Guards Caucasian Mountain Squadron

Officer of the Horse Artillery Brigade

Soldier of the Life-Guards Gendarme Half-Squadron

Drummer and Musician, the Infantry Regiment

Kiel, Leon Charles von?-1851

Private of the Reserve Life-Guards Black Sea Cossack Regiment

Equipment of the Polish 2nd Infantry Division

The Cossacks

Сaricature - Anna Pavlovna Pavlova

Nicholas I, Emperor of Russia

Imperial Guard Non-Commissioned Officer

Unknown engraver

Equipment of a Caboose Company

Auditor and Official of the Polish War Department

Equiment of Military and Labour Companies

Officer of the Caucasian Line Cossack Regiment


There are 1307 works of art in this category

Herma of Pan

Winged Glory

Ludovisi, Bernardino. 1693-1749

Satyr Carrying a Basket

Sculptor of Padua

Model of the Head of Ptolemy II

Relief: Head of a Saint

Italian sculptor

Sarcophagus Panel: Athena, Muses and Apollo

Relief: Madonna and Child

Rossellino, Antonio. 1427-1479

Buddha Maravijaya (Buddha Calling the Earth to Witness)

Cupid with a Wreath

French sculptor

The Lamentation

Decorative Relief: Plant Pattern

Unknown sculptor

St John the Evangelist

German sculptor

The Three Graces

Canova, Antonio. 1757-1822

Statue of a Peplophora (Demeter ?)

Eight Figurines of Buddhist Lamas


Mosaic, Stained Glass

There are 85 works of art in this category

Rudger Hansgrauw Stained Glass

Portrait of Empress Yelizaveta Petrovna

"The Landsknecht Standard-Bearer"

Magistrate's stained glass of the Canton of Bern

Jacob Minger Stained Glass

Miniature: "Pliny's Pigeons"

"St Bernard Adoring the Madonna and Child (The Miracle of Milk Issue)"


"Rachel and Laban"

Stained Glass of Herzog Brothers

Stained-Glass Panel Depicting the Coat of Arms of the Bishop of Salzburg

Hans Langer's Stained Glass

Stained Glass Petter Wyccart

Stained Glass with the Coat of Arms of Kohler

Mosaic Icon of Holy Prince Vladimir

Wedding stained glass Maag - Rutzistofferin

Applied Arts

There are 7844 works of art in this category



Tumbler with Fuchsia Twigs

Ovoid Vase with Handles in the Shape of Female Heads





Figurine of Christ (part of the Crucifix)



Prayer-Book with Scenes of the Nativity of Christ and the Ressurection

Snuff-Box with a Portrait of Emperor Alexander I

Smoking Pipe

Cloth Used in the Eucharistic Ceremony