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Книги, печатная графика

There are 582 works of art in this category

Bombardier of Polish Foot Artillery

Private of the Nassau Lancer Regiment

Soldier of the Collegium of Foreign Affairs

Geissler, Christian Gottfried Heinrich. 1770-1844

General of the Cavalry

Bombardier of the Guard Naval Artillery Crew ("holding a broadsword in his left hand")

Adjutant General

Equipment of the Polish Army Hospital and Labour Companies

Infantry Grenadier

Geissler, Christian Gottfried Heinrich. 1770-1844


Staff Officer of the 1st Guards Artillery Brigade

Engineer, Mining and Pioneer Officer

Geissler, Christian Gottfried Heinrich. 1770-1844

Officer of His Imperial Highness the Sovereign Heir and Tsesarevich's Life-Guards Cossack Regiment

Officer of the Naval Battalions

Geissler, Christian Gottfried Heinrich. 1770-1844

Pioneer of the Life-Guards Horse Pioneer Battalion

Trumpet-Player of the Cavalry Regiment

Sauerweid, Alexander. 1783-1844

Field Officer of the Life-Guards Don Cossack Host


There are 1414 works of art in this category

Helen of Troy

Canova, Antonio. 1757-1822

Neptune and Hippocampus

Venetian sculptor, late 16th century

Musician with a Cithara or a Lyre

Herma of Pan

The Summer

Cybei, Giovanni Antonio. 1706-1784

Bacchus and a Little Faun

Roccatagliata, Niccolo, circa 1560-circa 1636


Monnot, Pierre Etienne. 1657-1733

Allegory of Winter

Rusconi, Camillo. 1658-1728

Hand with a Bracelet (fragment of a statue)

Seated Buddha in the Meditation Pose. Votive sculpture

Crowned Buddha in the Meditation Pose

Portrait of a Man

Sculptor of Northern Italy, mid-16th century

Portrait of Septimius Severus

Seated Crowned Buddha in the Meditation Pose

Madonna and Child with St Anne

German sculptor


Torretto, Giuseppe. 1664-1743

Мозаика, витражи

There are 85 works of art in this category

Adoration of the Magi; Stained-Glass Panel with the Scene of Charity; The Martyrdom of St Vitus;The Assumption of the Madonna; Two Donors with Halberds;The rescue of Jonah from the Belly of the Fish

Stained Glass of Nusbaumer Family

"St Ursula"

Mosaic Picture 'The Rabbit'

Stained Glass of Jacob Eigenman

Boccardt - Reioldr Wedding Stained Glass

Stained Glass depicting the Apostles Peter and Paul

Fragment of a Stained-Glass Panel Depicting the Head of an Angel

Stained Glass Heini Zehnder

Stained Glass Panel Depicting the Coats of Arms

Mosaic Panel "The Architectural Landscape"

Stained-Glass Panel Depicting the City of Constance

"St George"

Stained Glass of Oswaldt Weber

Madonna and Child

St Paul

Предметы прикладного искусства

There are 8345 works of art in this category

Grey Agart Small Bottle

Casket with a Beadwork Cover

Playing Card

Cigarette-Case with the Dipiction of Two Girls and an Old Man in a Turban (Side 2: The Coat-of-Arms of the Counts Sheremetev)


Tobacco Pipe in the Form of a Head of a Woman in a Turban


Dish with Tsarist Feast


Medallion Showing the Grengham Battle on 27 July 1720

Dish " Scene from the Apocalypse"

Master IC


Orchid in a Vase

Travelling Set (64 pieces)

Mug and Saucer Depicting Officers and Rank-and-File of the Life Guard Hussar Regiment