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There are 362 works of art in this category


Ring with the Inscription 'Allegiance of the Legions to the Roman Senate and People'

Pair of Earrings


Bracelet Opening on a Hinge

Small Cup in a Form of an Elephant




Egret with Plume

Watch on a Chateleine




Beauty-Spot Box with Two Lids

Bezel Earring and a Swan-Shaped Pendant

Porcelain, Faience, Ceramics

There are 5091 works of art in this category

Salt-Cellar in the Form of Three-Cornered Architectural Construction

Dinner Plate Ornamented with a View of Holt Castle, Denbighshire, the Property of Mr. Richard Middleton

Cup for Cream

Candlestick with a Figure of a Monkey-Drummer

Sculpture: Mordvinian Woman of the Moksha Tribe

Dinner Plate Ornamented with a View of Newark Priory, Surrey

Round Dish

Dinner Plate

Tea-Cup Saucer

Dinner Plate

Dessert Plate Ornamented with a View of Rocking Stone, Called Menamber in Sithney, Cornwall

Basket with Openwork Rim

Liqueur Bottle Cooler


Pedestal for Flower Vases


Textiles, Tapestry

There are 546 works of art in this category

Upholstery Coupon with a Scene from Classical Mythology

Yellow Satin Fabric with a Red Velvet Pattern


Fragment of Cloth: Joseph

Prayer Rug (Namazlyk)

Grey Rep Moire Fabric with a Floral Motif

Fabric with the Depiction of the Three Graces

Sampler with Stylized Plant, Paired Birds, Alphabet, Number and Crown Motifs (fragment, upper part)

Tapestry: The Dormition of the Virgin. The Burial of the Virgin. The Coronation of the Virgin Mary

Embroidery with the Dipiction of Cupids

Fabric Depicting Baskets of Flowers, Ribbons and Peacocks Feathers against a White Background

Cloth Embroidered with a Stylized Plant Motif

Tapestry: Fishing-Ships in the Sea

Upholstery for a Settee and Armchairs with Hunting Scenes (fragment)

Pillow-Case with Openwork Pattern

Costumes, Uniform, Accessories

There are 871 works of art in this category

Officer's Uniform of the Life Guards 1st Horse Chasseur Regiment

Sampler for a Camisole Embroidery with a Lily Motif

Officer Tunic of the Life-Guards Horse Regiment which Belonged to Emperor Nicholas I

Epaulet and Aiguillette

Child's Officer's Sabretache of His Majesty's Life Guards Hussar Regiment

Evening Dress of V.V. Karakhan

Double Collar Embroidered with Scenes from the Old Testament

Baby's Dress

Child's Waistcoat Camisole

Hat of Dowager Empress Maria Feodorovna

Dress of Princess T.A. Yusupova

Folding Fan

Man's Formal Evening Coat: Tailcoat

Schismatic Rosary

Priest's Vestment: Chasuble

Child's fancy dress boyar costume that belonged to Tsarevich and heir apparent Alexei Nikolaevich