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Orders, Medals

There are 694 works of art in this category

Fall and the Crucifixion, 1536

Georg Hermann, 1529

Medal “For Zeal” on the Order of Saint Stanislaus Ribbon of the Reign of Emperor Alexander III (worn on the chest)

Earl Anton (Antonius) Lodron, 1591

Award Medal of the Moscow University

Holy Roman Empire. Rudolph II. Medal to the Reichstag, 1589

Medal for the Victory at Frankfurt on the Oder

Baron Georg von Khevenhüller, 1566

Bistum Trient. Bernhard von Cles. Taler, 1520

Archiepiscopo Mainz. Kardinal Albrecht von Brandebdurg, 1526

Medal in the Honour of Louisa Marchetti

St Peter

Sigismund (Sigmund) von Herberstein, 1552

Philipp Melanchton, 1543

France. Franz I

Willibald and Hans Imhof, 1623

Carved Stones

There are 1127 works of art in this category

Cameo. An Eagle

Seated Cat Sculpture

Intaglio. Seated Philosopher

Cameo. Psyche Enslaved by Venus

Cameo. Bust of an African


Double-sided Intaglio. The Crucifixion with the Virgin, St John and Mary Magdalene. Reverse: Christ

Cameo. A Tiger

Intaglio. Portrait of Mithridates VI Eupator (ring)

Cameo. Jupiter Serapis

Cameo. Mask of Satyr

Double-sided Cameo. Female Theatrical Mask

Intaglio in the Form of a Scarabaeoid. A Rooster

Intaglio. Portrait of Pope Gregory XVI

Cameo. A Bearded Man

Intaglio. A Sacrifice


There are 213 works of art in this category

Molivdovul. Constantine IX Monomachus

Molivdovul: Constans II with Constantine IV, Heraclius and Tiberius

Molivdovul. Basil I and Constantine

Molivdovul. Constantine IX Monomachus

Molivdovul. Romanus IV and Eudocia with Michael VII, Constantine and Andronicus

Molivdovul. Michael VII Ducas

Molivdovul. Manuel Comnenus

Molivdovul. Theodora Ducaena (?)

Molivdovul. Constantine VII and Romanus II

Molivdovul. Michael VII Ducas

Molivdovul. Andronicus II Palaeologus

Molivdovul. Mauricius Tiberius

Molivdovul. Manuel I Comnenus

Molivdovul. Constantine X Ducas

Molivdovul. Tiberius II Constantine

Molivdovul. Andronicus II Palaeologus

Coins, Paper Money

There are 424 works of art in this category


Amulet with Symbols of Well-Wishing



Two Thirds of Miliarensis



Solidus. Obverse: Depiction of the Mother of God. Reverse Side: portrait of Emperor Leo VI

Spoon made from Coin



Cufflink made from Coin


Double Daric