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Orders, Medals

There are 694 works of art in this category

Silver Medal of the Red Eagle Order

Brandenburg-Ansbach. Emilie, the Wife of Margrave George. Checker

Hieronimus Baumgartner (Paumgartner), 1553

Satirical Anti-Papal Medal, 1543

Apocalypse, 1539

Moses Before the Burning Bush of Thorns and the Adoration of the Magi, 1538

Melchior von Redern (Rödern), 1598

Souvenir Medal of the Wedding of Emperor Nicholas II and Princess Alice of Hesse

Medal in the Honour of Cardinal Richelieu

Holy Roman Empire. Archduke Ferdinand and His Wife Anna, 1523

Medal "In Commemoration of the Reign of Emperor Alexander III"

Souvenir Medal of the 25th Anniversary of the Appointment of Nicholas II as Chief to the Guards Reserve Foot Regiment

Medal in Honour of John VIII Palaeologus, Emperor of Byzantium

Medal in Honour of Empress Catherine the Great. Face

Brandenburg. Markgraf Ioachim II

Austria. Archduke Karl II

Carved Stones

There are 1159 works of art in this category

Cameo. Christ

Cameo. A Horse

Intaglio. Head of Serapis

Cameo of the capita jugata type. Unknown Man and Woman

Cameo. Demosthenes

Intaglio. The Young Commodus

Cameo. St George Slaying the Dragon

Cameo: female theatrical mask

Cameo. Veiled African Woman

Cameo. Portrait of Emperor Nicholas I

Intaglio. A Youth Seated in front of an Altar

Cameo. Iulia Drusilla as Juno

Cameo. Two Swans

Cameo. Julia Aquilia Severa

Scaraboid intaglio: Wasp

Cameo. Cleopatra VII with the Asp


There are 213 works of art in this category

Molivdovul. Basil I and Constantine

Molivdovul. Manuel I Comnenus

Molivdovul. Michael III, Theodora and Thecla

Molivdovul. Constantine IX Monomachus

Molivdovul. Heraclius and Heraclius Constantine

Molivdovul. Constantine IX Monomachus

Molivdovul. Constantine IV with Heraclius and Tiberius

Molivdovul. Irene Comnena Ducaena Palaelogina, Second Wife of Emperor Andronicus II Palaeologus

Molivdovul. Zeno the Isaurian

Molivdovul. Manuel I Comnenus

Molivdovul: Undefined Seal

Stamp with the Depiction of a Cross and a Cryptogram

Molivdovul. Isaac II Angelus

Molivdovul. Alexius I Comnenus

Molivdovul. Romanus IV and Eudocia with Michael VII, Constantine and Andronicus

Molivdovul. Constantine IV with Heraclius and Tiberius

Coins, Paper Money

There are 424 works of art in this category


Didrachm. Obverse: Head of Helios. Reverse Side: a Rose

Ducat 1841



Coin. Dinar




Coin. Wedding Guldiner. Guldiner


Commemorative Taler with Portrait Medallions of Bavarian Royal Family




Coin. Wedding Guldiner. Guldiner