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There are 3000 works of art in this category


Zarubin, Viktor. 1866-1928


Klengel, Johann Christian. 1751-1824

Madonna and Child with St Catherine

Francia, Francesco (Francesco di Marco di Giacomo Raibolini), school of, c. 1450-1517/18

Tobias's Farewell to the Angel

Biliverti, Giovanni (Bijlivert). 1576-1644

Sick Woman and her Physician


Bassano, Francesco, II (Francesco da Ponte). 1549-1592

Portrait of an Old Jew

Rembrandt Harmensz. van Rijn. 1606-1669

The Mediterranean. Triptych (left panel)

Bonnard, Pierre. 1867-1947

Portrait of Count Alexei Grigoryevich Orlov (1737-1808)

Ericksen, Vigilius. 1722-1782

Portrait of Mrs Khvostova

Alexeyev-Syromjansky, Nikolay. 1814 (1813?)-1880

Fruit in a Vase

Picasso, Pablo. 1881-1973

The Death of Dido

Bourdon, Sébastien. 1616

Paris's Judgement

Floris, Frans (Frans de Vriendt). 1519/20-1570

Old Warrior

Anonymous Artist, first half of the 17th century

Portrait of a Young Man in a Fur Hat

Grebber, Pieter Fransz de, c. 1600-1653

Portrait of Fiodor Pryanishnikov

Zaryanko, Sergey. 1818-1870


There are 3000 works of art in this category

Triumphal Arch

Montferrand, Auguste de. 1786-1858



Spring Landscape

Kanerva, Aimo (Ilmari). 1909-1992

Illustration to Alexander Pushkin's Poem 'The Bronze Horseman'

Design of a Chinese Pavilion

Felten, Yury. 1730-1801

View of the New Hermitage from Millionnaya Street

Premazzi, Luigi. 1814-1891


Caricature Head of a Man in a Wig

Ghezzi, Pier Leone. 1674-1755

Portrait of a Young Woman

Anonymous Artist, second half of the 18th century

Fragment of an abstract composition, 9/9. Untitled/Peace and War - 1

Prigov, Dmitry. 1940-2007

Grand Mosque in Alexandria

Hildebrandt, Edouard. 1818-1869

Miniature "Portrait of Count Mikhail Mikhailovich Speransky"

Ivanov, Pavel. 1776-1813


Architectural Composition - View of the Interior of the Egyptian Temple

Thomas de Thomon, Jean-François. 1760-1813

Study of a Female Arm Dropped Down

Greuze, Jean-Baptiste. 1725-1805


There are 270 works of art in this category

Miniature: Portrait of Ivan Ivanovich Shuvalov

Anonymous Artist

Frame with Views of Architecture and Portraits: Miniature Depicting Emperor Shah Jahan

Safavid Shah Receiving Honoured Guests

Portrait of Emperor Alexander I

Winberg, Ivan?-1851

Portrait of a Lady

Anonymous Artist

Portrait of John Swinburne

Cosway, Richard. 1742-1821

Youth with Two Jugs and a Young Woman

Icon: The Mandylion (Image of Edessa)

Portrait of Lieutenant General, Prince B.A.Golitsyn

Girard, Ernest-Joseph-Angelon. 1813-1898

Girl in a Fur Hat

Riza yi-Abbasi, ca. 1565-1635

Lovers and Musicians

Miniature: Portrait of General c. P.I. Ivelich

Anonymous Artist

Portrait of the Architect Giacomo Quarenghi

Unknown Russian artist. 19th century

Miniature: Portrait of Count Alexei Orlov-Chesmensky

Anonymous Artist

Snuff-Box with the Depiction of Mikhail Kutuzov in front of the Portrait of Alexander Suvorov

Anonymous Artist, early 19th century

Flower Study



There are 3000 works of art in this category

Portrait of the Wife of the Advisor Kuehne

Krüger, Franz. 1797-1857

The First Man and the First Woman

Anselin, Jean Louis. 1754-1823

View of the Royal Palace in Berlin

Lüderitz, Gustav. 1803-?

Farnese Heracles

Goltzius, Hendrick. 1558-1617

Presentation into the Temple

Dürer, Albrecht. 1471-1528

Bernard Castle

Brangwyn, Sir Frank William. 1867-1956

Simon Deceiving the Trojans

Ghisi, Giorgio. 1520/21-1582

The Entombement

Cousin, Jean, the elder, c. 1490-c. 1560

Five Genre Scenes

Molinari, A.L.

Night Liturgy in Venice

Holroyd Charles. 1861-1917


Ghendt, Emmanuel-Jean-Népomucène de. 1738-1815

Cupid Pursuing Innocence

Avril, Jean-Jacques I. 1744-1831

Even in the least thing...

Masquelier, Louis Joseph. 1741-1811

"On reprend son bien où on le trouve"

Daumier, Honoré. 1808-1879

Creation of the Firmament and the Division of the Waters

Muller, Jan Harmensz. 1571-1628

Romulus in the Senate

Merian, Matthäus, the elder. 1593-1650