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There are 3000 works of art in this category

Banks of the Marne

Cezanne, Paul. 1839-1906

Esther's Feast

Heiss, Johann. 1640-1704

Representation of Newlyweds

German painter

Portrait of the Young Merchant Wife

Unknown artist

Adoration of the Shepherds

Murillo, Bartolomé Esteban, workshop of. 1617-1682

Mirrored Mountain: South Greenland

Kent, Rockwell. 1882-1971

Game of Blind Man's Buff

Boilly, Louis-Leopold. 1761-1845

Quintus Fabius Maximus Before the Senate of Carthage

Tiepolo, Giovanni Battista. 1696-1770

Scholar at the Table

Wauters, Emile Charles. 1846-1933

Woman in Blue

Gainsborough, Thomas. 1727-1788

Portrait of Platon I. Kablukov (1781-1835) (1st)

George Dawe and his workshop

Portrait of a Young Man in a Hat

Greuze, Jean-Baptiste. 1725-1805

Apostles Peter and John Healing the Sick

Aertsen, Pieter (called Lange Pier). 1507/08-1575


Greuze, Jean-Baptiste. 1725-1805

Bar Tabare

Lempereur, Edmond. 1876-1909

Sappho and Phaon

David, Jacques Louis. 1748-1825


There are 3000 works of art in this category

Eventide in Little Russia

Premazzi, Luigi (?). 1814-1891

Untitled/Peace and War - 1

Prigov, Dmitry. 1940-2007

Fortune Telling Icon

Beauties Celebrate Snowflakes

Palace of Peter I in the Summer Garden. Plan and Design

Zemtsov, Mikhail. 1688-1743


Prigov, Dmitry. 1940-2007

Landscape with Ruins

Natoire, Charles-Joseph. 1700-1777

"The View of Zlatoust on the Shore of the Lake"

Helmersen, Grigory Petrovich

Hua Mulan Walks with a Sword in the Palace


Prigov, Dmitry. 1940-2007

View of the Hospital at Lefortovo in Moscow


Sketch of the Scenery for the Opera "Scipio"

Valeriani, Giuseppe. 1708-1762

The Blessing of Jacob

Orley, Richard van. 1663-1732

Untitled / Ear

Prigov, Dmitry. 1940-2007

William Blake

Prigov, Dmitry. 1940-2007

Portrait of an Unknown Woman

Unknown artist


There are 208 works of art in this category

Portrait of a man with a Book

Aqa Bala

Procession with the Participation of Emperor Akbar II

Miniature with a Portrait of Emperor Akbar II

Portrait of Emperor Alexander I

Benner, Jean-Henri. 1776-1836

Portrait of Infantry General Count M.A.Miloradovich

Unknown artist

Miniature: Portrait of Frederick III Elector of Brandenburg

Huaud, Amy. 1657-1724; Huaud, Jean-Pierre. 1655-1723

Portrait of Major-General R.E. Renny

Pinchon, Jean-Antoine (?). 1772-1850

Frame with Views of Architecture and Portraits: Miniature Depicting Portrait of Mumtaz-i-Mahal

Miniature: Portrait of Grand Princess Alexander Pavlovich and Konstantin Pavlovich as Children


Miniature: Portrait of Grand Prince Nikolai Alexandrovich

Rockstuhl, Alois Gustav. 1798-1877

Mosaic 'Alexander I's Maneuvers'

Wekler, Georg Ferdinand. 1800-1861

Miniature: Portrait of Countess D.P. Saltykova

Ritt, Augustin-Christian. 1765-1799

Reclining Youth

Persian artist

Flower Study


Portrait of Charles XI (1655-1697), King of Sweden

Unknown artist



There are 3000 works of art in this category

Jan Six. B.285

The Finding of Moses

Healing of a Leper at Capernaum

Christ Driving the Money Changers from the Temple. B.69

Campo S.Basso

Depiction of the Stock Exchange Building on the Spit of Vasilyevsky Islan, with the Slope to the Neva River, and with Two Rostral Columns. After the Design by Jean Francois Thomas de Thomon

"General Map of the Russian Empire"

Anonymous printmaker

Jane Avril

Chahine, Edgar. 1874-1947

Marianna Alcoforado. 'Letters' (Lettres de la Religieuse Portugaise)

Matisse, Henri. 1869-1954

Jesus Uttered the Words “It is Finished”

Ornamentation of the Front Portico Wall

Fourdrinier, Paul. 1698-1758

Battle Scene: Naval Battle

Manglard, Adrien. 1695-1760

View of the Church in Ropsha

Funeral Procession in Brussels on the Occasion of the Death of Emperor Charles V. Sheet 16-17

Spring Snow in Ueno (Ueno, no-syunsetsu 上 野 の 春雪)

Drawing of the Triumphal Gates in Myasnitskaya Street by the Earthen Town